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How to make a baby sleep better at night

It just so happened that I spent close to a decade studying music and sound whilst working in music therapy. I used this vital audio background to create an audio environment in order to make babies sleep during night time. The method is to bring listeners back to the womb environment. This audio contains the sounds of  being in a tummy with a musical journey in the back ground. This is proved to encourage a good nights sleep.

I tested this on 20 babies.

About the test results

I used 20 minutes of music consisting of sounds from underwater and low bass tones. These were sent to 20 babies under the age of 3. This is what happened:

  • All babies fell asleep quicker whilst listening
  • 18 of the 20 babies slept throughout, whilst previously most cried and were irritable.
  • Babies were overall more content
  • Adults benefited by falling asleep quicker when also listening + …
  • … reports of increased dream memory and generally happier

Mellow Munchkins was the result of how to get my friends babies to sleep better at night. I think I made it and am happy to say that anything is possible when using our skills to help others.

Click here to listen to the baby sleep audio demo