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Bringing newborn sleep

Do you want to know what really helps to make a newborn baby sleep at night? We have an answer and have tested it on family and friends babies – with a 9/10 positive result 🙂

The story behind how to make a baby sleep Young children are well known for keeping us awake. When various friends and family shared this problem with us, we agreed to find a way to make them sleep better; making everyone happy. So, we got to work and came up with a solution that works.

Following a great deal of research, we discovered that apart from typical growing pains, that 9/10 babies simply missed their Mums warm tummy surroundings. Research then ventured into environmental sounds, leading on to  experimenting with sound from inside Mother’s tummy’s which consist of heart beats, underwater bubbles and muffled bass-noise from outside.

Joules Productions Recording Studios in London worked with us to recreate the tones, resulting with miraculous results. This lead on to trouble free sleeping for all. The tones were also doubled up with relaxed music so as to not sound too alien, bringing forth both the real world and “Back to the Tummy” sounds.

We then went on to setting up “Mellow Munchkins” for everyone to improve sleep.

This has worked out well; even for us during the making of it!

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